Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Piggly wiggly.

Oh my gosh...December has been beautiful. I think we may be getting snow soon...but it has been lovely while it lasted.
Naughty piglets are still small enough to fit through the fencing in some spots. Thankfully they don't go anywhere, but Jason did a little fence work today to try and close up their escape routes. I love these guys...they are such sweet piggies. Little Lucy is still itty bitty but just the sweetest thing ever, the boys are too.

Lucy, is such a cutie...I hope eventually she catches up in size to normal KuneKune pigs...but she is adorable.

Overseeing the work. Hard to believe she is 4 months old.

The two little boars we still have for sale are pretty cute too. I especially like this guy with no wattles.

Such sweet boys, I couldn't even get far enough away to get pics of them with being chased for scratches and belly rubs.

Pumpkins are a favorite treat.

I added a couple new canvases to my has been a while.

Beautiful sunset tonight.

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