Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh no :(

The day started off so good, but we got some bad news when we dropped the kids off at school. Looks like the triplets are going to have to go back to their old school in two weeks. We are so bummed for the kids, they really love their new class and teacher. The school has decided that only kids in their district will go to the head start class at that school, and even though we are only a 10 min walk from them we are not in their district. Right now it looks like they will be in a new teachers class at their old school, hopefully the kids will adjust well once again. We haven't told them yet, I am not sure how they will take it.

Before we got the crappy news, we all headed out for a picnic lunch in the park before the trio had to go to school. The girls wore their new Hello Kitty shirts they got for their Birthday. They almost never do the matchy matchy thing, once and a while it is super cute :)
Jericho was able to wear the new shoes Uncle Skunk and Auntie Amber got him for a Christmas gift. Pretty sweet kicks dude!

Mmmm PB&J and chippies :)

We all had fun at the little playground.

It has started. I hear Jason say to Xander..."Can you do this Buddy?" I look over and he is up at the top of the rope ladder. Great.
Xander didn't bite....but I did LOL.
Jericho and I rode some of the springy toys too. They got a lot of bend Hahaha.
Then it was time for school, so we all walked over.
After the kids got home we gave them their first look at their new, to us, bikes. They tried to decorate them with stickers...of course they didn't stick so we had to deal with some mini meltdowns.

Xander and Lily both we ready to suit up and give the bikes a try. Doesn't he look like such a big boy??

Hayden refused to wear her helmut, so she didn't get to try out her bike. Hopefully next time she will be more interested.
They didn't quite get it...but they were close. And they had a great time anyway :)

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