Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food, glorious food!

Jason and I had to head down to Bend for the night, so our 7 day cleanse has turned into a 6 day cleanse. Neither of us came close to the 10-17 lbs weight loss that the plan touted, but we did lose 5-6 lbs each, at least it is something. I started on the cleanse in the hopes that our fast and junk food rut could be put to an end. I think it has, I think we will both try harder to eat healthy and limit the yummy but oh so bad for you stuff.

I still think the plan was a good one, even though we didn't see a max loss. Some tips and what we ate...

Day 1 All fruit. We stuck to watermelon and cantalope for the larger share, threw in some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries too. I had my breakfast fruit in smoothie form...with just ice of course.

Day 2 All veggies. We ate fresh green beans, zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots and asparagus. We had them fresh and sauteed with minimal olive oil and no salt garlic powder with a little black pepper too.

The first two days were the hardest, we were cranky and not as energetic as usual...and boy did we crave to give up and eat some real food LOL. Gotta keep up on your 10+ glasses of water daily...I did not do a good job of this.

Day 3 was a mix of fruit and we just had a repeat of what we ate the first 2 days.

Day 4 Banana's and milk. You are allowed up to 8 banana's and 3 glasses of milk, I didn't need all 8 of mine I think I only ate 6 or 7 of them. My cravings were starting to go away on this day.

This is when we brought in the wonder soup...which was actually quite good. We made it in a crock pot the night before/early morning of then just kept it on warm all day and ate it as we went. I had 3 bowls on banana day, and one on days 5 and 6. We used cabbage, onions, tomatoes, green beans, asparagus, carrots and meat cubes (on the two days meat was allowed only, it came out of our daily meat allowance.)

Day 5 Beef and tomatoes. We each had 20 oz of tri tip spaced out over the whole day. I did not eat all 6 tomatoes that the plan called for...I got probably 3 or 4 down. It was really good sauteed together. I was feeling good by this day, my hunger was under control and I was a lot less tempted by the kids food LOL.

Day 6 Beef and veggies. We stuck with the 20 oz each, this time we tried flat iron steak....sauteed it up with red bell peppers, broccoli and green beans. I didn't eat all of mine...I think my stomach has shrunk a bit.

Day 7 would have been a day of brown rice and veggies...but just not road trip friendly so we skipped it.

Looks yummy eh?!
We tried to be good on our trip to Bend, it was hard LOL. I just hope I didn't gain all 5 lbs back in two days LOL.
We had to stop for food on our drive, I for once took Jason somewhere I have been that he hadn't. Calamity Jane's has amazing food! I had to take a picture of their menu...look at all the different burgers they have LOL.
They have a fun tradition of having people sign a dollar bill and hang it up. We didn't have one on us, we will have to take the kids there one of these days and add ours :) That must be thousands of dollars. 

Oh man, this is so not on the approved list hahaha.

Those burgers were huge...and so yummy!

We had a great time seeing Jason's dad, and getting some time to hang out and have fun with Jason's sister Stacie and her boyfriend David. 

Grandma and PopPop Randy had a busy, but fun, couple of days with the munchkins. My boob addict, AKA Jericho, woke up in the middle of the usual. Grandma got him a sippy of milk, she told us that when she tried to give it to him he yelled "NO, BOOBIE" LOL. She said she had to take him out into the living room and turn the light on so he could see it was her. After that he stopped frisking her, took the sippy and went back to sleep. Turd :)

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