Monday, July 9, 2012

Growing caterpillars and clean teeth.

I wish I would have taken pictures of these guys when they first got here, they have grown like crazy in just 3 days! I can't wait for the next stage...should be pretty soon.
We spent half the day outside again, but this time I had to tell the kiddos to try not to get too dirty.
They were playing "house" Hayden was the baby, Lily the Momma and Xander the Dad. I can not believe they are old enough to be playing these types of games. I really love just sitting back and funny LOL.

They did a pretty good job of staying clean.
Well, 3 out of 4 of them did.

Aww but he cleans up so well :)
This is his "ut oh" look, he is so cute...he gives a little gasp and slaps his hands to his mouth.

Funny little tip for you: Be careful what you tell your often can, and usually will, backfire on you LOL. When we were trying to establish a tooth brushing routine, we of course ran into some resistance. So we innocently, and not really untruthfully, told the kids that they had to brush every day or their teeth might fall out. Over time if someone was being stubborn we would simply say, come brush you don't want your teeth to fall out. Well now they are hooked, and even on nights like tonight...Jason was in the ER for 5 hours with what they think is food poisoning, and we would totally not feel too guilty about missing a nights brushing. We got the kids down, shut the door and started walking away...then we heard a little almost ignorable "we forgot to brush, we don't want our teeth to fall out," which is said over and over, getting louder and exceedingly more worried sounding, until we get them back up and head to the bathroom. Way to go kiddos, good dental hygiene is very important LOL.

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