Thursday, July 5, 2012

Was your head with you all day today?

So my brothers and sisters and I are huge movie and show quoters, we grew up watching a variety of different things. One of the faves is the stand up comedy VCR tape, oh the dark ages before DVD...what do you say, Blu-ray, crap I am in the dark ages again LOL. Anyway the show was 'Bill Cosby:Himself'...I am sure I have mentioned it here a time or two, it rocks! So today's title is courtesy of Mr. Bill Cosby.

Bill to his son: "Your mother sent me up here to kill you." He says, "Uh-huh." So I looked at him. And I noticed that from here all the way around to here...there was no hair! I said, "Son?" Called him "son". "What happened to your hair?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "Son, take your hand and put it on top of your head and tell me what you feel." He said, "There's no hair." I said, "Right! Now, tell Dad what happened to your hair." He said, "I don't know." I said, "Son, was your head with you all day today?" He said, "Uh-huh." I said, "Was this the hairstyle you wanted?!" He said, "Uh-huh." I said, "A reverse MOHAWK?!!" He said, "Uh-huh." I said, "Did you cut your hair off?" He said, "Uh-huh." I said, "Well, why didn't you tell me that?" He said, "I don't know!" I said, "Is this the hair style you wanted?!" He said "Uh-huh!" I said, "A REVERSED mohawk?!" So I went back downstairs, and my wife said "DID YOU KILL HIM?!" I said "No!" She said, "Why?" I said "I don't know!!!"

If you have never seen that stand up you MUST....especially if you are a parent...that is good stuff! So you can imagine when I unveiled my new 'do this afternoon my brother and sister were quick with the Bill Cosby quotes :)

I went in today for a trim and a highlight touch up, it had been since Feb. or early March and I was way over due, so showed the grays. I was just about done when I noticed another client with a one side shaved the rest long style. I told my stylist when next I get bored with my locks instead of perming it, or doing something else drastic for a change, I want to do that. Then I realized I was bored with my hair and sitting in her time like the present LOL. It takes a little getting used too. I actually love the shaved part, the part I am not so sure about it where she blended it in to the longer hair. I think I am going back in to let her rework it a little...just not digging the hair between the shaved stuff and the long stuff.

Jason was cracking me and my stylist up while I was at the salon. Here is a little back and forth of our text message. Just a little tip about Jason...he thinks girls with short hair are crazy, he has said that all the 10 years I have known him LOL.
 - I love you, you love me no matter what my hair looks like right? :)
 - Sure I am old and overweight. I mean even with crazy hair I could not do better. I mean I love you
 - Hahaha you are not old, the weight is being worked on. You are generous, a great dad, an excellent hubby and not bad in are a good catch!!! I love you too. 
 - What did you do to your hair???? Why are you being so kind???
 - Don't be scared. I'm being nice because I love you!
 - You sound crazy already how short did you go??
 - You'll see.

Xander was helping me take some pictures of it.
I love the front...the long sideswept bangs are cool.
I love the shaved side, though I think I need to go a bit shorter.

Even from the back it is OK. She did blow dry it and bring out some of my natural body and minimal it is a little poofy maybe.
This is what I am not liking...I just see side mullet, even though I have showed people this pic and they say they don't see it. Hopefully we can do a little something to make me feel better about this part.
The kids still loved it. Hayden told me it is "fabulous" LOL. Then she put on this stuff on so she could "be fabulous too." Rock it girl Hehehe.
She stikes a pose :)

Jericho couldn't care less about my hair...he was too busy trying to play with and ride Sakari. 
Yah mule!

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