Friday, July 27, 2012

This is not a mosh pit.

I booted the kiddos out side early, it was too hot yesterday to really have fun on the new trampoline so I thought they should get an early start in case it got hot again. The extra room has gone to their heads. I look out the window and see they are just running at each other, then taking each other down to the mat and wrestling. It was a free for all, thankfully they all were having fun and noone was complaining. I headed out to play with them, and make sure we didn't end up with any injuries.

Ut oh Lily I think Xander is coming at you for a take down.
We had some wild hair going on LOL.

Mom come jump with us, mom come jump with us, MOM. Ugh :)
Momma down, no really leave me. Hahaha.
How about a little leg work out.
Pardon the bruises, playing with 4 little kids all day every day can be dangerous :)
Of course everyone wanted a a work out in today!
Good thing about a "shaved" head, you can keep it up pretty well yourself. I busted out the clippers and took a little off the side..har har :) Will have to ask Jason if I missed any spots.
Today was day 6 of the 7 day GM diet. Jason and I have a last min trip to Bend tomorrow, and since I don't think rice and veggies are going to be too easy on the almost 4 hour trip there, looks like we will have to end it here. I will do my last weigh in tomorrow morning, though I have a feeling it will still be just the same 5 lb loss that I have been sitting at for the last 3 days. Oh well, at least it is something.

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