Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auntie Stacie rocks!

I am late sharing this huge news...Auntie Stacie and the 'Broken Down Guitars' won The Last Band Standing for Southern Oregon!!! Way to go you guys! Jason was actually in Bend visiting his Dad when they won. He was so proud to be there to hear them perform and see his sister win....though he had no doubts that she would.
I know we may be biased but we think they are amazing. Have a listen...Stacie is the lead singer on most of the songs, she also plays the guitar. So talented, as are the other band members! What do you think? FYI...Sunrise is Hayden's personal fave :)

Second day of school today, and Hayden wore a new pair of jeans. Of course the amazingly beautiful butterfly pockets are supposed to be on the back. She loved them too much, she had to wear them this way. At first Jason and I told her she couldn't wear them like that, then she totally disarmed us LOL. She says to us in the cutest little pleading voice "give it a chance." How do they know to take what we tell them when we are say, trying to get them to eat something new, and use it against us? Who taught them that???
One of the great things about the new school is that we are only a 10 min walk away. We decided to walk and pick up the trio today, Gangster came along :) Hayden, being Hayden, decided to freak out because we brought Gangster but not Sakari to pick them up. Yeah...she is going to be awesome hormonal LOL.

We showed the kids the butterflies to-be today...they thought it was pretty cool.

It was time to transfer them very carefully into the butterfly habitat. Now we wait...probably about a week.

The triplets will be FOUR tomorrow...whoa! We are getting down to business with all things party.

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