Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 year check up!

The triplets had their 4 year check up today, it went great...everyone is doing really well! We do need to make an appt. with an ophthalmologist, just because the kiddos haven't had their eyes checked since they were in the NICU.

For those like me that love stats, here ya go.... The trio are all in the 90th % or higher, and they haven't even hit their growth spurt yet for the year!
Xander is 42 lbs and 42 1/4". Xan is up 5 lbs and almost 3" since his 3 yr check up.
Hayden is 43 lbs and 42 3/4". Miss Haddie gained 7 lbs and over 3" in the last year.
Lily bug is 40 lbs and 41". That is a 2 1/2" and 5 1/2 lb gain in one year.
Way to go my former 3 lb preemies!!!
Xander and Lily did a great job, they took everything really well.

Hayden, um, not so much LOL.

Jericho thought since Hayden didn't want hers he would test it out :)
They got one shot each, the usual went down...Lily took it awesome, Xander pretty good and Hayden flipped the f out LOL. We had to get the trio to school after so we took them out for lunch, even though they felt like they should get some ice cream after suffering their shots we did NOT get one of these. Who puts bacon on ice cream??? Not only does that sound gross, but we do have a weight problem in this country....do the BK powers that be really think this will help?

After school I took the kids to the park solo while Daddy got some Zzzz's at home. I am feeling really good taking them out by myself these days, go me :)

When we got home I got to show the kids our new butterflies. We missed their hatching, maybe next time. One of the 5 doesn't look good, I don't think he is going to make it. His wings did not straighten out to dry and I think it really messed him up :( The other 4 look great, so pretty. The trio collected some sticks and flowers for their new friends.

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