Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to school....already.

My little pre-schoolers got a short summer break. Feels like it was just their last day of school, but today was their first day at their new school! Hayden was a little touchy this morning but all in all their first day went really great.
Jericho helped us walk them in to class :)
They would not stop for me to get a picture, just way too excited to get to class...so I got a few from the back :p What a difference from their first day last year.

Xander's EI lady is one of the "helpers" in their class, the triplets were SO excited to see her. They actually ran to her and gave her hugs. The new class was a lot of fun to explore :)
Pick up...in the parent line. Their last school was just the Head Start program, this school is also an elementary school. So many more kids, and regular school type stuff.
Hayden got home and snuck off to get into a little trouble. At least she was practicing her letters. The girl is obsessed with 'H's' LOL.
Showing us the damage :)

Oh yes Hayden, that helps.

Then she strikes a sassy pose and starts singing. Never dull I tell ya.
Our cute lil caterpillers have gone to their next stage of life. A little gross even for this nature lover.

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