Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last day of School.

Today was the triplets last day of Pre-K, sort of, I can't believe it has been 7 months since they started school. The Head Start program that the trio are part of as peers is a year round school. They will be doing one more year of Pre-K as part of this program, but they will be changing schools. So today was their last day at their current school, classes start up at the new school in July!

They were excited to take the pots we made to their teachers! 
Dad was nice enough to carry all three pots to class.
A picture with their teachers :) I snapped two pictures, couldn't believe I actually got a good one!
Our flowers we planted last year are starting to come back!
After the kids got home from school we walked over to visit their new school and meet their new teacher. I love that the new school is so much closer now, it is a 10 min walk (with the kids...probably 5 min without.) We didn't know how they would take the idea of leaving their current school and teachers and going somewhere new, so far they seem mostly excited, hopefully it goes well next month!

After playing a little in their new class and chatting with Teacher Chris, we took them out to play for a while on their new playground.
They all just took to the equipment like babies are so grown up. They could do just about everything all on their own!

Jericho had a great time too, and of course wants to do everything the bigs do :)

Look at them go!! I can't believe they are almost 4!!!

Hang on little Buddy!

Xander, lil pimp Daddy, meet a couple little girls and they were following him around Hahaha.

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