Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terra cotta thank you.

The triplets have almost completed their first year of preschool, it has been really great for them, we have seen so much growth. This next year they will be moving to a new class and school. They have one more week at their old school, so today we made good bye gifts for their teachers. I saw a few different ideas on none other than Pinterest and kinda threw them all together.

Before we got started, Jericho was being his usual ham self :)
Could this boy be any cuter...I don't think so LOL.
We had to drive to the store to get some supplies for the good bye gifts. My kids used to yell at us to close the windows and moon roof, now all of a sudden they want everything down all the way...I am not a fan.
I had to document Jericho's latest daredevil antics. He climbs up on the stand and then jumps off. Thankfully he usually only does it when someone is there to catch him....yeah I said usually. Such a nut!

OK craft time. We made the teachers these great terra cotta pots.
First I put a couple layers of chalk board paint in a spot on the front. Then the kids put painted finger prints all over the rest of the pots.

Such cuties!

Dad even helped a little and painted the rim yellow.
I love acrylic paint, it dries so fast! Once the finger prints were dry I turned them into flowers.
Then I added stems, a few ladybugs and the ruler marks in the yellow around the rim...for that I used a felt tip marker.

Up close on the flowers. Haddie did the yellow finger prints, Lily the orange and Xander did the blue flowers and black centers on the sunflowers.

Once it was all dry we sprayed it with a protective finish for acrylics...just not on the chalk board parts. Gotta add some flowers and they are ready not go! I think they are adorable, when the kids saw them all finished Lily said "Oh Momma, you're a genius" LOL...guess she liked them too, hopefully the teachers will also!

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