Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little Gym graduation.

The triplets had a big day at The Little Gym today...it was graduation day with a exhibition show.

Jericho needed a power nap before we left. He has almost given up naps, and this is how we find him a few days a week just assed out in some totally uncomfortable but super funny way LOL. The trio took naps until they were three...now my 17 months old thinks he is too big to nap.

We got there a tad early, so Xander and Jericho had time to have a little race fun first.

Once class got started the kids were all business...for about the first 15 min. Then Xan and Haddie were distracted by just about anything .There are a lot of pics to share, but in my defense 10 of them were taken by my friend.
Little brother had a very hard time watching and not being in on everything.

Jason tried his best, but eventually he had to walk out with Jericho so everyone else could enjoy the show.

Hayden did some of the skills before getting bored and going to find her BDF (Best Dad Forever...another little changed up gem from My Little Pony LOL.)

Hayden was supposed to be a bridge for Bella...the girls got flair Hehehe!

Xander hung with us for a bit longer but then he too took off. Lily Bug stayed the whole class and was doing some of the skills that she wouldn't do before. The teachers were thrilled :)

This was the first time she would do a roll over the bar!
Woo hoo go Bug!

I love this one, you can see Hayden in the background smiling watching Lily do a good job <3

Why are 5t shirts "belly shirts" on my not quite 4 year olds???

Xander and his girlfriend Bella :)
While the other kids are messing around Lily is still working hard!

Xander came back to climb the mountain!
Lily earned her medal today!

Xander came back again for his medal!
This was an awesome moment. Hayden had been gone for about half the class. At medal time she comes back, gets up on the stand, gets her medal and promptly raises her hand waving like she is giving a huge "I wanna thank God and my Momma" speech. The whole room cracked up laughing LOL!

The group :) They have come so far since their very first class here, just about TWO YEARS ago!
Jericho saying goodbye when class was done Hahaha.

Back home, I have a feeling these medals are going to be around a long long they are quite proud of them...and rightly so.

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