Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to my honey!

32 years young...and looking damn good :)

The card I gave him hehehe!

We stopped by Grandma's for a little bit. The kids had fun playing some games, this was their first look at 'Don't Break The Ice' the girls did well, Xan wanted only to break it so he was hard to play with LOL.

My mother in law has these pictures of Jason up, look how cute :)

She was nice enough to bake Jason some cookies and light a candle. Make a wish babe.
Xander grabbed up the first cookie.

After we left Grandma's we headed over to a friends to pick up some wood. He was nice enough to bring out a little electric "quad" and let the kids entertain themselves...and us LOL. They got those jeeps for their Bday last year, but they are horrible drivers so they have been put away. After about an hour Hayden was really getting the hang of it, Xander not so much, and Bug prefered to ride on the back and not drive Hahaha.

Look how happy :) When Xander was driving Jason or Derek had to stay right with him, he just didn't get that you had to LOOK where you are going and steer AWAY from curbs and cars LOL. 

When it was Lily's turn to ride she held on for dear life.

See Xander, this is why you have to look and steer. You will not be driving at 16! Derek actually pushed the quad up to the wrecked car for this pic :)

Xander kept switching it up to high speed...he needs to manage low first.
Haddie wanted a turn to drive, Xander freaked out but with a little help he surrendered the quad.

Go girls!!!

Xander wished it would fit 3!

Jericho slept through most of the fun.
Little cutie...still rear facing, it is so much safer!
He woke up just a little bit after we turned off the quad...we were all tired, OK the adults were anyway LOL. The trio did manage to all get on at once.
Jericho got to sit on it for a little while, I am sure he wishes he could drive it...I am just glad he didn't see it in action, or this would simply not do Hahaha.
You know you have some tired puppies when they can sleep through their sibling blowing a party horn in their ear.

Everyone out <3

We had to fit in a quick dinner and then head to the Little Gym for the last class of the summer. We headed to PaPa's for a little pizza and salad. My little stinkers figured out this game was broke and just giving out it's prizes. I ended up with 10 little bouncy balls in my purse...ugh. 
Some fun before dinner.

Mom amd Dad played on everything too :)

I don't know who was more ready for bed tonight, the kids or the parents!

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