Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers and Go Fish.

Yesterday was beautiful, today...not so much. I am so sick of rain, it is summer right?
I mean June = Summer doesn't it?!?! Can someone get a note to Mother Nature! I really hope it is beautiful and at least in the 80's come July. An outdoor BBQ, pool and bounce house birthday party will not be much fun in the cold and rain :(

We braved the down pour to get flowers for the pots we made for the triplets teachers. Hopefully we picked good ones, this isn't really our area of expertise LOL. You may notice their are 4 flowers in our carts...Hayden fell in love with something so we decided to let her get it. Now we have to find somewhere to plant it

Back home it was a chill day, we played some games with the kids and watched the monsoon going on outside. We have been treated to a couple thunderstorms, which we don't get often, so that part was cool.

Xander cracked us up today. He loves it if we leave our keys within reach, he presses the buttons and pretends he is leaving. He managed to press the panic alarm button today...which he usually doesn't do. When the car started beeping, without missing a beat, Xander sings "the horn on the car goes beep, beep, beep" silly boy :)

Xander was the winner on Go Fish. It was so cute, every.single.time it was his turn he would raise up the little pole like he was really casting it and yell out "let's go fishing!" Hayden won on the Memory game, she was actually really good at it! Lily had a great time even though she didn't win. I am so glad we are not at the "sore loser" point yet...maybe by some miracle it will skip us, doubt it, but one can dream LOL.

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