Saturday, June 16, 2012

Splash park fun!

This little splash park is right next to the triplets new school, so about a 10 min walk from our house. I don't know what took us so long, but today was the first time we took the kids to play in the water there. They had a blast, especially Xander...he ran right in the min we got there and we had to drag him away 2 1/2 hours later.

Lily and Jericho went up but stayed just out of the waters reach most of the time. Lily did catch some water to the face that some kid was trying to throw on another kid. She almost started crying but Jason and I were pretty convincing that it was OK...even fun to get wet. Haddie stayed well out of the water until about the last 35 min or so.
Jericho got caught slipping a time or two, talking to a pretty girl got him soaked. He ran out of the water flapping his arms like a chicken Hahaha.

Xander loved getting wet, even though he was shivering a lot of the time, it was only about 75 today so not super hot.
Jericho split time over at the playground.
Run Lily!
Xander is such a joiner, he has no problems running right up to anyone or even a group of kids and joins right in the fun.

Dad trying to get Hayden to check it out.

Jason tried to trick Lily, he asked her to count the slits in the fountain hoping it would come on while she was standing there...evil :) She counted too fast for his plan to work, she just stepped away when the water turned on LOL

He had to take his soaking shirt off, it was making him even more cold.
Jericho big cheesing :)

Lily loved filing the cup and pouring it out....silly kid

The crowd started thinning out, which was nice...the older kids getting a little too rowdy.
Hayden finally started coming around enough to get her feet and legs a little wet.

Daddy and Lily Bug ran through a couple times :)

Some kids brought a bunch of squirt guns, the triplets ended up playing with a couple "squeekers." Being a home with actual guns in it we have decided to not do the toy gun thing. Just don't want any confusion for the kids. I am sure we will do water "guns" of some sort but probably not ones that are gun hopefully they had fun with these.

Trying to get them to take a break for a picnic dinner was hard LOL.
A little blast from the past. Here were are with the trio when they were about 8 or so months old at the same park, almost the exact same spot LOL. 
The kids played their little hearts out, even as the light was starting to fade we had to drag them away.  It was a hit...we will have to go back again soon!

Gotta add a couple kid funnies. First one I forgot to add a couple days ago... Jason and I were cleaning up after dinner. We hear some crunching, look over and see that Jericho had grabbed the bag of chips and was helping himself. Jason gets the bag away from him and I look at Hayden, who was just sitting there watching him, and say "Hayden you need to blow the whistle on that kind of behavior." Without a pause she says "I don't have a whistle around my neck" and looked at me with a "Here's you sign Mom" kind of look LMAO!

Today Lily walks over to me today with a stuffed dog in one hand and a bead necklace in the other. She says "Momma, can you put this one on her feet so she can look fabulous?" LOL!!!

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