Monday, June 25, 2012

Playdate PDX fun!

We took the munchkins back to Playdate PDX today, it's been a bit since we were last there. I think the last time Jericho was pretty new to walking, this time he was all over the place. Xander, Hayden and Lily were old pros flying around the place too.
The kids are just about old enough to where we totally could join the parents sitting outside the play area drinking something and playing on our iPhones....but where's the fun in that :)
Grandma came with, by the end of our 2+ hour stay I don't know who needed a nap more, the kids or the adults LOL.

Jericho had a great time, big man.


His shirt from Lisa was a big hit! In case you didn't see it in a post from a few days says "Pick me up, I dig older chicks" LMAO!

Lily and Grandma hung out a lot today :)
Ball fun, Ball is one of Jericho's 24 or so words that he says. It is so cute when he talks, I have to get something on video one of these days!

A little slide is still super fast, and we saw many kids get hurt. I am really surprised they haven't done anything more to make these slides safer. Xander and Hayden have figured out how to go down safe, and 9 times out of 10 they were fine. Lily only went down if we were holding her hand, and Jericho only went down in someone's lap.

So happy :)

Lily was getting the hang of some of the equipment...our least athletic child is starting to come around LOL.

Hayden doing a little dancing. I didn't get the chance to braid her hair today, poor thing is going to pay for that later. Her hair can't help but get tangles.

Back in the ball room, now we have teams going and we are in the middle of a battle!

Xander was totally ruthless. Here he has poor sweet Lily Bug in his sights.

And now his Dad, and just look at the wild happy laugh as he loads a ball in and shoots it off at him :)
Reload and hit him again! Notice the minion helping gather ammo.

Jericho started sending balls out the holes, then thought it would be a good idea for him to bail out one too. You can see him hanging half out, thankfully he wasn't quite able to get himself out...silly boy.
Off we went to play some more. Here he took a 10 second rest...someone's getting tired.
Oops maybe not...second wind!

Back to the balls, Jericho and Momma were shooting at Daddy :)
Kisses through the holes <3

We had a great time, 2 hours never fly by so fast :)

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