Sunday, June 10, 2012

Xander's Birthday digs.

We made Xander's Bday shirt today, I forget where I saw the idea (wink wink,) but it was perfect. Now he has a rainbow tie in and it sort of matches his sisters dresses.

But first things first, poor cats, Xander has not gotten over his new fascination with chasing them down, grabbing them up, hauling them off to the kids bedroom and locking them in there. This morning Xan came to show me O.J. in the "hospital."
At least he has a nice bedside manner LOL.

Hahaha Hayden doing a little meditating :)
Jericho, giving me a need to meditate myself!

We went on our after dinner walk, check out Jericho's new ride! Our friends let us borrow this, it is so freaking awesome...goodbye POS umbrella stroller Hahaha!
All for one, and one for all!

The trio hand delivered their friend Stone's party invite. They were so excited to be at Stone's house!

He came to the window when we his Darth Vader get-up LOL.
We continued on our walk, the triplets smelling and investigating EVERYTHING :)
Jericho's newest trick. He pushes a "stool" to the door and climbs up to reach the lock. He can lock and unlock it...good thing we have another lock mounted at the very top of the door.
OK craft time. The kids didn't help me on this one...though in a year I bet they are going to love doing their own. You need sandpaper, crayons, a shirt, a little bit of wax paper, a little bit of cardboard and an iron.
Color on the rough side of the sandpaper really hard with the crayons, you want to get it nice and waxy. The rougher the sandpaper the more you get that pattern in the finished product. I used pretty fine sandpaper.
Since the girls birthday dresses are patchwork rainbows I tried to do a little patch work thing with the crayons. PITA and I now think you can develop carpal tunnel in an hour!
Place the cardboard inside the shirt, then place the sandpaper colored side down on the front of the shirt. Cover it with the wax paper, then iron the design. You want it on cotton setting and hold it on for at least 30 seconds...more if you want more color transfer. You can carefully peel a side to see how it is looking. Once it is how you want it remove the wax paper and place a couple paper towels one the shirt, lay the wax paper back down and iron for another few seconds to blot up any excess wax. Toss in the dryer for 20 min to set the color. Wash by itself the first time.

All done!

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