Sunday, June 24, 2012

An early Bday present!

We are so lucky that we know so many generous people, honestly without the kindness of family and friends our kids would not have some of the wonderful things that they have. Today we picked up an early birthday present for the trio, and Jericho of course...yeah just try keeping him off this thing HA, from our fave NICU Nurse Jennifer. Not only was she there to help take excellent care of Xander, Hayden and Lily at their birth, but she has become a good friend.

This playset it a beast, the kids are going to LOVE it!

It took Jason and I a couple hours to get it broken down enough to get it in a trailer.
Jason had to stop to buy a new hammer when he broke his old one, but over all the tear down went better than I thought it would. Of course this probably means the rebuild is going to go worse than hoped for LOL.

At least it was a nice day!
I think we had planned to break it down much smaller, but I piped up with the brilliant idea to try leaving the big "box" together and getting it in the trailer like that. Yeah, brilliant, the thing weighs like 450 lbs.
I really have no idea how we did it, but we got it to the trailer and got it in. My goodness! Jason needed some more man power...I have not be to the gym in like 7 years LOL.
My friend also gave us an old stand alone freezer, now I can take my Pinteresting to a whole new level :)

It was a slow, and slightly scary, ride home. The kiddos saw us pull up and were going nuts at the window. It is parked on the side of our front yard right now, in all of its ghetto fab-ness, but Jason is going to need a lot more help than me to get it back to the back yard. Hope we can get to it this weekend, as it is sitting right out side the window and is just cruel torture for the triplets to see it and not be able to go play on it LOL.
Thank you so much Jennifer, the kids are going to LOVE it!

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