Sunday, July 8, 2012

Go directly to the bath, do not pass Go.

It is really heating up...woohoo summer is here!!! The kids were outside playing all day long. I spent the first hour or two inside cleaning house. Man I love how much longer my house stays clean with the 4 man wrecking crew outside all day LOL. After I was done I went out to play too, I was not ready for what I was about to see.

I come walking up, they see me and all hightail it to hide in the play structure. That should have been my first clue.
I mean we are all for letting kids play in the dirt and get a little dirty but, OH. MY. GOD.
I told them "hold still you dirty little urchins I need a picture of this," and Lily says "we ARE dirty little urchins." LOL!

Oh Bug, don't you know Princesses do not like getting dirty?

Now we all know what Jericho will look like with a beard :)

I think they are going to need 2 baths.

No, Hayden, apples will not make it better.
Well, since the damage was already done we just kept playing. And lucky me, I had my hair rework appt. right after Jason got home. So he got to do baths....he was not thrilled Hehehe.

We were playing Dragon. I am the dragon and I chase them around, then they climb up in the castle while I circle down below randomly trying to get them through the wood. Jericho is not quite sure which team he is on....he likes to growl back at me :)

Jason texted me and said it took a hose off and a good scrubbing in the bath and they still weren't all the way clean LOL. He also said next time they get that dirty I am giving the bath :)
On the hair front. I am now feeling so much better about it. I love it!

It does look so much better flat ironed.

We shaved it closer and just went from long to short, with out any blending or middle length hair. I love that the side mullet is gone!

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