Thursday, June 29, 2017

Still the one.

11 years ago Jason and I got married. It feels like we were just kids when we met in 2002. We have grown older, and wiser and closer over the years. He is my best friend and puts up with my crazy better than I deserve most of the time. I'm spoiled beyond belief. So thankful for the road that has lead us to right where we are, there is nowhere else I would rather be. XOXO.
Hayden found this guy, took a pic to show me. He is pretty cool!

Xan and Lily are loving their drama camp. Next 3 days rehearsal runs 5 hours a day...good thing I don't have to stay. Can't wait for Saturday!

Jericho asked for something to eat. I told him his Dad would be back with lunch any minute.
Jericho: "Mom we need an appetizer."
 How could I say no to these faces?

Better late than never. May the force be with you dear veggie starts LOL.

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