Saturday, June 3, 2017

Took longer than expected.

Lily and I manned our 4H clubs booth at a town wide garage sale today. Lily was pretty bored for our 2 hour shift, and pretty grumpy that I didn't let her bring any money.
I didn't want us taking home anything....ANYTHING!!!
Not taking anything home did not go as planned. 2 years of country life, and we ran into our first seemingly stray kitten. As Lily and I were leaving the garage sale area I noticed a little black ball of fluff sitting in the tall grass by the parking lot. We couldn't just leave her, even though I kind of tried..she kept following us. I left a note on the nearest house. 
The kids named her Drusilla...keeping with our Buffy theme....just in case she isn't claimed. 
 She is tiny, super skinny but an adorable and friendly little thing.

Lily is in LOVE with her...and pretty upset about her condition and the lack of care from her "owners". I am dreading the phone call...if there is one.

Of course Drusilla needed a proper photo shoot ;) Lily is counting the hours that no one has called about her.

I adore black cats...I know not everyone likes them but they have always been a fave of mine.

She is a wee bag of bones, she literally attacked the food we gave her. Risking losing a digit I took it away after a few minutes so she wouldn't bust a gut. Now she is sporting a pot belly LOL. I don't think she had seen food in a couple days, may not have made it too much longer out there.

Jason was not thrilled I brought this itty bitty kitty home...I told Lily our whole drive home that her Dad was gonna kill me LOL. I sent him a text after he left for work...
 "Sorry babe, no calls yet...I'm waiting by the phone, promise ;) XOXO"

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