Sunday, June 4, 2017

Getting a farm tour.

Lily gave Dru a little farm tour today. She is getting super attached to this kitten, I'm starting to hope we don't get any calls about her.
The chickens were curious...though they looked at her like they were trying to decide if she was edible.
Giles was not too interested LOL.

Getting all your goats in a row.
Drusilla was kinda scared...she watched from the safety of a pallet.

See the spying kitten?


Molly got too close for comfort. I don't think the plastered ears and hissing really did much though.

My heart. If anyone is going to call they better do it soon...or else.

Hayden and Jericho were playing ninjas today...watching out for the bitty kitty.

Farm kitty training 101...going good.
My little herd loves their grazing time, so much so they are starting to be total brats to pen back up. I don't know what they are going to do when the crappy weather comes back.

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