Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dog Days.

Hayden rocked day 2...she still loves this sport, and goes full tilt. The high school players/assistant coaches actually remembered her from last year.

Another 2 hour rehearsal for Xander and Lily. They are getting it...got a long way to go though, hope they have it down come Saturday.

Got home from rehearsal and decided to let the dogs cool down with a little fun in the hose. It has been hot, which I really try not to complain about. I am going to complain about the 3 week long stretch of HORRIBLE allergy days I've been having.

My two crazy Dutchies.
Lycan has been doing a good job lately...he is almost off my shit list.

They love the water...I need to take them swimming soon.
Yes, it sounds as scary as it looks...don't get in the way of those snapping jaws LOL.

So serious about their fun.

They could do this all day.

Still energy to burn.

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