Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bring it on.

The boys first night went great, they seem to be getting along. We left Yahtzee and Taboo in over transition Hooch, such a ladies man. We took the girls out today and sent them back to the doe herd.
So handsome.

Matilda is still in with the bucks...we will probably move her over with Queen B just before they both have their litters.

Spicoli you are too cute...can't wait to have you breed a few of the girls this fall.
When you have two does that both want to be herd Queen the battles can be epic. Girls, it is too hot for this crap. Classy you are due in 3 weeks...settle down.

The horses even stopped to watch the action.

Pregnant or not Classy didn't back down. Hopefully she'll try to be a little nicer to her herd mates after having to brawl for herd Queen rights.

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