Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wee puppy skeletons.

Today was the big Xray to get a more clear puppy count. The ultrasound 3 weeks ago showed quite a few babies, the vet guessed 7-10. Kitsune however has not gotten incredibly large, so I was starting to think 6-7 may be more like it. She is a first timer, so holding on to her figure a little better than some. I was surprised that she weighed in today 15 lbs heavier that she started. This pic was from yesterday...for sure looking pregnant, but not really huge.
She looks like she is smiling about something.
This is the Xray, the vet feels pretty confident that she sees 9.
Little hearts on the skulls to help you make out each baby. Doc thinks she will have them by Monday. Can't wait to know the for sure for sure count. So excited for these babies to arrive!

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