Friday, May 17, 2019

Hello, again.

Ragnar....(Cole) is hanging out here with us for a bit. Baya and him have a blast playing. Kitsune and Bella are very accepting too. Lycan is a butt head...and FIVE Dutchies in the house is a tad nuts, but lots of fun outside LOL. He is so handsome! Ragnar is possibly going to be looking for a new home. His family loves him very much, and have done an amazing job with him. We are not 100% sure yet if he will be able to go back to them or if he will be in need of a new family. Lycan is the one that makes me feel bad. He is not as tolerant and accepting as a mom (Kitsune) or a young friendly pup (Baya) so he can't have as much access to the fun. If we tire them out properly they chill fairly well in the house.

You know your “Stranger Danger” talks are getting through when you tell your kid someone (they don’t know too well) is picking them up and you get 20 text messages about how they don’t know this person and are worried about going with them LOL.
Lily and Jericho were in fine form tonight, he sang the Pledge of Allegiance while she played Liberty LOL.

A few more days of healing. It’s getting there.

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