Thursday, September 5, 2019

Meeting more dogs.

The last three. The runty runt leaves tomorrow morning, the ginger boy leaves tonight. Some more piglet spam while they are still here.

He is so cute!

The piglets interacted more with Baya today...and Kitsune. Kitsune is our highest drive dog...this girl is hell on wheels. Lycan is up there too, but I think she edges him out. Baya is much lower drive. This does not come naturally to a high prey drive Dutchie, this is training, commitment and knowing your dogs limits. She is safe with most critters but one slightly overzealous "I'm boss" nip and it would be over for these littles. Oh how she would love to nose jab them sometimes LOL. When she was young she wasn't safe with our first farm critter...chickens, we used an ecollar to help reinforce our commands. She has always been given clear "these are MINE" and "I am boss" messages, she does not try me...she knows better.

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