Monday, July 26, 2010

My new power tool!

Get your minds out of the gutter ;) I have been wanting a Dyson for a year now, I was so tired of sweeping, it doesn't do a great job plus hair flies everywhere and it takes forever. I just happened to check good old Craigs List and found an 09 Dyson DC18 slim that had been used maybe a half dozen times. The things looks brand new and they still have the box and's even still under warranty. Best part I got it for $190...when it goes for $400 + new! I can not wait to try it out tonight! After picking it up we decided the van needed a bath, we didn't know how the kids would react to going through a car wash but after a min of maybe being a little scared they did OK. Now Lily keeps saying "car bath" LOL. It is another beautiful day today, so we hit up a park and let the trio play for an hour before heading home for lunch and naps.
We HAD to start off at the swings of course.

The girls actually left the swings and went to play with their bro and some other kids on the play structure. Xander fell in love with this little boys ball, the little guy was nice enough to let Xan play with it for a while. We need to just leave a couple balls in the car, we always forget to bring some.

Xander climbing up a ladder, Jason was at the top ready to help him....this is one strong kid.
Lily Bug going up to the slide.
Hayden and her new little friend.

On the baby front, here is my 17 week pic!

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