Monday, July 12, 2010

Triplets second year montage done!*

Sadly One True Media closed up our montages are no longer available to view. Thankfully I was able to buy them all on DVD though.
Now I just have to find a new way to make them, I really loved One True Media so bummed they closed :(

We also got them in for their 24 month check up. It went really well, they have grown so much. This was the first time we went without the stroller or choo choo, we just held hands and walked. The kiddos had fun playing in the waiting room, and didn't destroy it too much.
Xander weighs 32 lbs and is 36" tall....90% for both not adjus*/ted...they haven't had to adjust them for a long time now.
Hayden is 31 lbs 90-95% and she was off the charts for height (anything over 95%) at 36 3/4" tall!!!
Lily is 29 1/2 lbs which puts her at 75-90% and 35 1/4" tall which is 90-95%!
They got their first vax today, she asked if we wanted this 5 in 1 combo we said no, and decided to start with 1 DTAP shot. We will go back in a month or two for another. They took them like champs, Xan and Hayden cried for a few seconds...little LilyBug didn't cry at all. Must be true red heads have a higher pain tolerance

Happy Birthday kiddos, we love you so much!!!


RaeSchuft said...

Totally fantastic montage! Was it pricey to make? Happy Happy Birthday Trio!

TripMomma said...

Thanks! It's free to make and share as long as you don't use the premium features.