Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The almighty mini cupcake!

A fellow momma of multiples shared her potty training success using a cupcake reward, and since the M&M's weren't cutting it we decided to give it a try.
Hayden sat on the potty and pee'd this morning at bath time, we were unprepared...there was not a cupcake (or M&M for that matter) in the house. So she got a sucker, yeah not so great right after a bath. Jason ran out to get cupcakes, while he was out I got to clean up a pee accident from Lily. He got back and the cupcakes were introduced, everyone wanted one, me included :) but it was explained that these are sprcial treats for going on the potty. Lily and Xander both had accidents and I was done for the day...so those two went back into diapers. Hayden was still holding out, we do plan to potty train one at a time but when all three ask for underwear we indulge them a little. Anyway Hayden pee'd on the potty a second time and got a cupcake. I am still not too happy with letting one get such a rare treat while the other two cry for one. So Hayden got a whole mini cupcake, Xander and Lily split one. Hayden was in a diaper for nap time, good thing because she woke up wet. After nap though she went back in undies and pee'd on the potty for a 3rd time today...with no accidents in between!!!! She got a second mini cupcake and a song sang by yours truly which she loved :) But alas all good things must come to an end it seems, with 20 min to go until bedtime Hayden had a #2 accident. She didn't freak out over it and even said she wanted to try again...so we will have to see how tomorrow goes. So far I gotta say the cupcake is kicking the M&M's butt.

Loving her sucker, and becoming a sticky mess in the process!

Modeling her first gown :)

The yummy nuggets of goodness.

The Caravan, our rental while the Odyssey is in the shop...how I love my Odyssey.

Cupcake time! Hope we are eating a lot more cupcakes tomorrow!


Samantha said...

Katrina, did you look into the 3 Day Potty Training Method? Honestly, I was freaked out since we waited so long, but it was fantastic. All 3 are fully trained and even stay dry at night (I still keep them in Pull-Ups at night). It was a lot of work for me but I would rather get it all over with.

TripMomma said...

A fellow MoM's sent me the PDF file so I can read it. I guess what is holding me back on the other two is despite being asked every 20-30min if they need to go they will say no and then pee on the floor not 5min later. If they can't make it to the potty with tons of reminders it just makes me think they are not ready. I am so jealous you have yours all out of diapers...way to go! I seriously can not wait to get there :)

Samantha said...

Katrina, it's not all that great. I miss diapers! Now, everywhere we go, they have to go potty. I have visited every single restroom. When we go to the park, they have to leave right away because one of them needs to use the bathroom. Ugh!

TripMomma said...

*plugs ears* Lalalalalalala I can't hear you :)