Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oops spoke too soon.

Fun day today! The kiddos got to go to their friend Bella's 'Frozen' 6th birthday party...which was a huge hit! Yummy!

Bella's party was at a soccerplex, so the kids got to run around and play for a good 40 minutes.

Everyone had a great time running all over the place like crazy people...I hope they konk out early tonight.

Playing freeze tag was fun.

Look at that stride, that is air time LOL.

It was a packed party.

Lots of fun games.

Gift time...the girls hand made Bella Frozen cards when I told them she was having a Frozen party...they were so excited!

After the party my amazing hubby told me he was taking us out to dinner, and even let me take an hour or so nap that man. I have been feeling blah and so tired lately, hope I am not coming down with a cold or something.

After my nap we headed out to dinner. We had a gift card from Christmas 2 years ago to Olive Garden so we decided to head there.
Haddie and I enjoyed doing a little coloring together. She got her love of coloring and the need to be precise with it from me LOL.

No group pic today, but this one kind of reminded me of my first Mother's Day back 2009. We took the triplets, who were just 10 months old, to Olive Garden and had a great time.


Jericho, come take a picture with Momma you monkey.
The triplets are so awesome in restaurants these days, and usually Jericho can be counted on for at least an hour. In fact I was just telling a friend how good they are recently...well Jericho made me eat my words tonight, and almost made me punch an old lady in the face. He wasn't being bad really, just loud and happy. We kept telling him to use his inside voice but didn't feel the need to take any further action. I mean he is 3 and this is The Olive Garden for Pete's sake. The old bitty at the table behind us made it clear she did not appreciate my cutie pie, and I really wanted to make it clear to her...with my fist, that I did not appreciate her snide under her breath, but not so under her breath, comments. I controlled myself, so we ended up leaving without dessert, which is probably good, at least for my diet...and the old bats face LOL.

Guess this is as good as I am gonna get today.
Jason was going for a Hubby star sticker today, playing soccer with a hundred kids, letting me nap, taking us out to dinner and he hung up my new prints and quote sign I made. Thanks babe, I love you. Also thanks to my friend Wendy, for all the amazing photo tweaking she did!


Wendy said...

The canvases came out really beautiful!

TripMomma said...

I love them!!! Thanks for your help :)