Friday, October 27, 2017

Farm tour.

We had some sun was nice while it lasted! 
6 of the pups have new homes lined up.
Army is just such a cute guy! He is going to a bite work home here in Washington

Ali that one ear up and frog dog pose...super star! He is going to a family with a farm in Oregon.
Alvin...he is heading to Florida and will be known as Kelso.
Abrams will be living with an officer in Oregon.
Ace is headed to Cali.
Alvin...those ears!
Spicoli is a big boy now. Looking handsome!
These "I'm in love" faces still kill me.

Before bed half the litter went on a little nature walk and got to check out some goats.
These pups are so brave and bold. They will be 7 weeks on the 31st. The goats were pretty tolerant.

The kids are starting to have to get away from baby puppy teeth.
More obstacles.

Giving chase through the field.

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