Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

One last appearance as Maid Marian. I went to the kids school party today, I felt like a celebrity LOL.

They have the best parties :)

The bunnies and bat girl.

Such a ham.

Lily and Hayden...with minimal help from Jason made Pepe a costume too. He got to go trick or treating as Hiss. Pepe did fantastic around all the people and monsters. He is going to need a day to recover from all the running though.

Family is such a gift. My nephew noticed Xan didn't really look happy in his Toby costume in my pics of us from the party. He asked me if I would mind if he brought Xander a costume that was in the same theme as his own. I thought it was incredibly sweet. I also knew that Xander would dig it so much...he idolizes his cousin Tyler. I gave the OK. I had no idea how much trouble my sis in law and nephew went to but they pulled together an amazing costume, and Xander was thrilled.
Two cool ninja dudes!

The boyzz.

Auntie Tia and the girls.
The crew this year.
The weather held out for us, the kids only went around for about 2 hours...kinda a different Halloween experience when it is on a weekday.

Thumbs up for another great Halloween!

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