Saturday, January 6, 2018

Five Nights At Freddy's for Jericho.

Jericho had an amazing Birthday party! Thanks to everyone that was able to join us and celebrate this wild kid turning 7! Jericho is all about Five Nights At Freddy's right now...he was stoked about his decorations and food.
The cake and cupcakes turned out pretty good.

We did Bonnie, Foxy and Chica fruit platters.
Lots of pizza of course. This party was the most laid was nice.

We had to come back to the same spot as last years party...the kids just love this pool.
Jericho's pre school buddy Zane made it out again this year...even though his mom took a red eye back from a business trip just the night before. That is friendship dedication I tell ya!
Almost 2 hours of swimming, diving, and pool slide fun!

Silly kids. Jericho had a great party!

Happy Birthday big guy...we love you!
After the party we took the kids to see Jumanji. It was funny! We don't go to the theater is like a $100 for 6 people and snacks, but we are already being begged to go back and see the new Jurassic Park when it comes out LOL.

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Jaxon Bieber said...

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