Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Spring is trying.

A little wee sun break...ah can't wait for summer.
I admit I am a fair weather "farmer". Got to spend some time just enjoying the critters today.

These girls are as excited about the weather as I am...they hate the rain almost as much as I do.

Willow...little stinker, disappeared for 3 days. I thought a coyote or owl got her, she always comes in at night. I almost cried when I heard her meow at the back door tonight. She is grounded for a couple days.
Looks sorry that she scared me to death doesn't she?

Got a secret to share. I have figured out how to not only get some chips, but actually get most of the bag AND be able to eat them at your leisure. Buy chips so spicy you burn off your taste buds. Mom 1 Kids 0.

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