Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Busy Bee.

The 3rd grade class did power point reports on sea life. Today was the big reveal, I was really impressed with their reports. I am also always so happy to see how they include the whole school in celebrating what the other classes do. As the parents came to check out their kids projects, 1 class at a time was also released to come see and listen to the kids projects. Very cool stuff happens in this school!

Xander picked the Great White for his project.

Hayden did her report on the Logger Head Sea Turtle.

Lily did the Octopus.

When it was the 1st graders turn to come see the kids projects Jericho was so excited to take a look.

We got to see the trio's St. Paddy stories. Hayden made Grandma proud by including a red Mustang in her story.

I love my machine...have I said that this week?! Fetal pups grow so fast. Just 1 week later and you can see movement and wee tiny bodies now. Pretty sure I see at least 7...which could mean 8 or 9 as you never get a perfect count LOL. We are starting our wait list now. 4 boy 1 girl spots full.

Hayden and Jericho have started soccer practice...Wick and I watch from the car LOL.

Easter is almost here!

Remember is important.

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