Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ready to hunt.

I have been wanting to try Barn Hunt with Kitsune and Lycan for over a year now. Finally decided to just go make time and check it out. It is SO fun! The ratties are in no danger and are very carefully managed...for any rat lovers out there.

Lycan did Ok, he is going to have to be led more during hunts, Kitsune was a rock star though. She for sure has a new love, she is a rat seeking machine. On her second day of practice we bumped up to 2 rats. She should be ready for her Novice title in 3 weeks. Novice you have 2 min to climb a bale of hay, go through a tunnel and find 1 rat...ignoring two decoy tubes. Next title is “Open” all the same but you find 2 rats in 2 1/2 min.

When you have an ultrasound machine everyone has a prego animal to check LOL. French-tons coming soon! I have been getting a lot of practice, I love this much fun!

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