Monday, October 15, 2018

Noisy and stinky.

Oh recorder. Baya and I love you.
Whomever made these little musical annoyances, you are evil LOL.

Just a reminder, those that are near water often or take walks near water. Be watchful for spawned out salmon. We took Baya out for a walk by a small body of water. I had unleashed her as we walked. When I got closer I noticed a yucky smell, I was walking to her to leash her back up and leave when we both noticed at least 10 dead salmon washed up. She got a real good sniff, possible 1 small lick before I got ahold of her. Salmon poisoning can kill dogs.

Quincy thinks stall rest sucks, but he hasn't busted his stitches so it is helping.

Got this “special” $35 honey for Quincy’s leg. I of course had to taste it. Have to say, $35 honey from New Zealand is pretty damn good!

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