Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Ho Silver

We took the kids to the Oregon State Fair today! We spent almost an hour checking out the animals, with the girls doing all the animal sounds along the way..and with such enthusiasm hehehe. Then they got their first pony rides, they all had a great time and no one cried or seemed scared at all. After that we checked out their dinosaur exhibit, the girls were cracking us up....they were growling back at the dinosaurs when they moved and growled, and Hayden kept saying "Hi dinosaur" LOL. We walked by the band area on our way out and had to stop to let Hayden and Lily dance to the music...they drew quite a crowd :) I am one tired Momma after all that walking!
Looking at the year should be a little more fun, when they can walk and do a little more touching. We brought their monkey backpacks in hopes of using them but they just aren't there quite yet.

They got to see a 4 month old mini horse, the trio all wanted to pet her until she got up close then they got shy. I enjoyed petting her, they have the cutest little neigh's...she kept calling to her momma who was near by.
A lady walking by saw the trio with their monkey backpacks and asked if she could give them each a stuffed banana. They love these things!
Lily was the first to go on a "horsey ride" she had a blast, was all smiles and looked like a little pro.
Lily was very upset when her ride was over. Jason was trying to hold her and make her stop crying, thus we only got one pic of Xan on his pony ride.
Dad went to spot Hayden on her ride, she was loving the ride and chattering to him the whole time.

Checking out the Dino's.


Debbie said...

looks like a super fun day! I just want to know how many comments you got from the choo choo? haha

Mine are too big for theirs now, but I remember those days.

TripMomma said...

Hahaha I know it, the thing is a magnet. We got at least 20 comments...and we were only there for a couple hours LOL.