Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting our little freeloaders to work.

The other day I let the trio help me dust, they actually really loved it....of course they did a terrible job but it was a lot of fun LOL!
We busted out the cleaning supplies yesterday evening before bed and once again it was a hit, even caused a little melt down when it was time to stop cleaning.
Now just to bide my time until they can mow the lawn, take out the trash and clean the cat box....but then what would I need DH for hehehe JK.

Xander has a new skill...he is just begging to break a bone, such a boy.
The ladder is no longer a fun enough way up...
Then he rushes down the slide to do it again.

Miss Hayden felt like napping with Gangster today, she even brought him a pillow and covered him up awww.

I finished the 2nd blog to book looks great. Now on to the 3rd, I don't seem to be catching up though.

Jericho is getting busy in there, Jason has been able to feel him a few times now, I just wish he would move up a bit and stop kicking me in my bladder. Now that we told the kiddos they have a baby brother on the way the girls like to rub or kiss my belly and say hi to their baby brother. I hit 22 weeks yesterday.


RaeSchuft said...

Love the cleaning photos, particularly the one of Lily cleaning the tv!
And love how sweet Hayden is to Gangster! Hazel likes to lay down with our dog Moose too...
Good luck when Xan's partner in crime is born! He'll be teaching him all the tricks he knows ;)

Megan said...

My girls love to clean! I give them wet wash clothes, almost every day and they go wipe things down. Sometimes causes more work for me, but they LOVE doing it! Great for melt down times! Love the kiss on the belly!