Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guitar lesson.

Grandpa and Auntie Stacie are in town from Bend for the weekend. They came over for dinner and some trio time this evening. Everyone had a lot of fun and my kids even got their first guitar lessons. They loved hearing their Auntie sing, they danced and sang along...and gave standing ovations after every song :)
Playing with Auntie Stacie and Grandpa.
Guitar lesson begins..they really enjoyed listening to Stacie sing, but got pretty grabby wanting to play too.

Hayden and Lily started dancing like crazy...sooo funny!
Xander had the hardest time not touching...he wanted to be right in the mix.
The trio even grabbed some of their music toys and played along LOL.
The girls played jump rope with Aunties scarf. They all played tug o war with it too...I think it left our house about 3 feet longer than it was when it got here :)

We have our Christmas Eve fun over at Grandma's tomorrow, the kids are sooo excited.
My sweet hubby made 30 + red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for tomorrow. I am so trying one, or two, tonight!

Thought I was going to make it this time, but no with 1 week to go I had to take off, more like pry off, my rings today. Bummer.

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