Thursday, December 30, 2010

Induction fail.

After getting all of about 4 hours sleep last night we got to the hospital at 6:30 this morning. Jason didn't get any sleep, he is on graveyard this week so the poor guy caught a couple hours on the day bed in my room once I was settled in. There was a brief mix up as to why I was even trying an induction at all (Doctors should really talk to each other LOL,) we also found out my back up plan of a Csection tomorrow, the 31st, was not even on the books. Got all that worked out and they got my IV's, monitoring and Pitocin started around 7:45am. They checked me and sure enough 4 weeks without change...still 2cm and -3 station, ouch. It was really slow going, they had me on the lowest dose of Pit. for a couple hours, then they started bumping it up a little at a time. About 7 hours in they checked me again and nada, bummer. I was fricking starving, who thinks it is OK to only give a pregnant woman jello and chicken broth for 12 hours...when she didn't have breakfast either. I won't lie I was sneaking food, well 2 granola bars. I got up and walked a few laps around the 4th floor several times, even bounced and rolled on a big ball a few times. At 5:30pm they checked me again and still there was really no progress, we decided to call it and just go with the Csection tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I am a bit bummed but knew this could happen and, as I am telling myself now, a healthy baby and mom is all that matters...not how you get there! Jason is catching another little nap before work tonight, I hope to get to sleep soon too. With the Csection I will probably be here until Monday mid day, this place brings back some memories. As soon as we got settled Jason and I both said it feels like it was just yesterday that we were here with the trio. I have had about 4 nurses come in to say Hi, they were some of the many who took care of me the 6 weeks I lived here trying to cook the triplets longer. It was really nice to be remembered 2 1/2 years later. They have such wonderful staff here...I am glad we decided to come back here again.
Getting settled in my room.
As we were out walking the L&D floor I happened to look up and almost did a double take before I said 'Hey, those are my babies.' The photog we used when the trio were born asked if she could share some prints with my Doctors office, we were totally fine with her sharing the pics, but I didn't know she put a huge on up in the hospital too. Awwww :)
Jason napping.

Gotta say thanks to my Doula, she hung in all day with us and was more than happy to stay the night if I needed her. She will be here for the Csection and some breast feeding help, hopefully I will be able to do that this time.
Meanwhile, back home...the trio are having a great time with Grandma, and wouldn't you know are being perfect Angels for her today :)
Alright baby boy, tomorrow...just take your shoes and move out! :)

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