Friday, October 9, 2015

Doggies and googly eyes.

Scooby and Scrappy Doo, ready to rock this Halloween! My Daphne ensemble is also complete, hopefully it will fit a touch better in 12 days LOL. Shaggy and Greg are still being worked out. Our next biggest job will be getting Xander's Mystery van put together.

These two are pretty thrilled, not too bad for being homemade.
After an afternoon spent finishing up the costumes, we had dinner and busted out a new game that the kids have been begging to play. Oh my gosh, Googly Eyes, this is the funnest game we have played in a long time.
Youngest always goes first.
Trying to draw in these things, no simple feat.
They sure made for some funny pictures though.
This is a team game, so Jason and the boys were one team, Hayden and Grandma were another. Lily and I make a great team...and not just because we kicked the other kids butts :)

Woohoo she guessed my drawing LOL.

So much fun...this game comes highly recommended for an awesome family game night!

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