Friday, October 30, 2015

Wheels a go go.

The weather has been nasty...I am already fed up with the rain and mud, this is going to be a long fall and winter. The animals are doing well, they don't seem to be quite as bothered as I am.

The girls enjoying a little rain break snack.

They are still a little unsure of their new surroundings. I tried to coax them out farther in their pen, they have so much room...and lots of blackberry bushes to eat but they haven't really explored enough to find them.

They were being brave.

Then the rain started up again, so off they flew to their temporary shelter.

Snug as a couple bugs in a rug

The Mystery Machine is ready to roll!

Getting it attached to the frame.

Xander's candy bag hooks right in front.

LED tail and headlights.

Xan can't wait to drive this ended up a touch heavier than we hoped, have a feeling he is not going to be able to lug this thing around all night without a little help.

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