Friday, August 4, 2017

Milk maids.

Sadly we have had zero news on the missing babies. I am guessing we will never know what really happened, and probably won't be getting them back. I am thankful I still have the babies I do. The hunt is on for a livestock guardian dog...then I can sleep peacefully at night again.

Since I now have a doe I have to milk...Jason finally got around to making me a milk stand and seat. Took a couple hours and used stuff we already had laying around. Nice job handy hubby XOXO!

Can't wait to give Molly a shave next spring to see what she looks like under the fluff!
Lulu did very well up on the stand.

These sisters were battling it out today. Bridget has some of her mean momma in her.
I love the little strip of hair that stands up along their backs. Little dino babies.

The victor.

Gaga came to lay in my lap.
Matilda is getting huge.

Lulu's evening milking. The kiddos wanted to give it a try.
They learned it is harder than it looks LOL. Hayden and Lily actually got some milk to come out.

They had a good first lesson, and Lulu was super patient.

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