Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not a happy start to August.

I think someone stole 3 baby goats last night. I'm so angry. The moms are calling and calling. They don't seem stressed at all like it was an attack...much less 3 attacks in one night. No blood or bodies. The abandoned house and cars on the property next to us all had their doors opened, and our trail cam is missing it's card and batteries. Seems fishy to me. We have been here 3 summers now, with lots of critters and baby critters...and other than losing some poultry we have never had any predator problems. I hate to think someone would do this, but everything points that way. I have been on the fence about adding a livestock guardian dog...but now the hunt for one is on.

Poor Lulu had both of her girls go missing and one of Heidi's. Not holding my breath that we will be getting them back sadly.

I am glad whatever or whomever that took them didn't take all my baby girls. We still have Peaches, Heidi's other girl.
Molly is still here safe and sound.
I also still have little Bridget and Gaga.

Peaches has been named Georgia Moon...following her dads liquor theme.

Poor Lulu. So sad having to milk her because with no babies left she could have complications from being over full. I almost cried for her. These were her first babies and she only got to mother them for two days...and she was doing such a great job.
Spunky Dru...her and Lycan are working on an understanding. He leaves her alone, or she will attack his face.

We were all quite bummed today, so we tried to cheer the kids up with a little slip and slide fun. Didn't really help...but maybe got our minds off our missing babies for a little while. Playing around while dad set it up.


Heidi's udder is looking amazing for a first freshener. Hope being down a kid doesn't tank her udder.

Lily even came out to check on the babies...my not so outdoorsy kid claims naming rights on almost everything born her, so she was extra upset that 3 of the babies are gone.

Hope the rest of August goes better.


BearikaBallerina said...

Hi, I don't comment often but read every blog. This is so sad! I'm so sorry to read this. People can be just plain awful. :(

TripMomma said...

Thanks, it sure puts a damper on things.