Sunday, February 18, 2018

Family visits are the best!

Ugh more snow. Who forgot to tell Mother Nature it is spring? Fired!

The kids and dogs are still enjoying it at least.

My nieces, AKA Purple Troll and Lil ButtButt, are visiting for almost a week!!! Love when my sis is in town, wish she would just move here already.

The girls working together to build a snowman.

All Kitsune wants is Adam to keep throwing things for her to fetch.

Of course Pepe was center of Lydia's world.
My sister is a makeup aficionado...she brought me some good stuff but insisted on tossing my crap make up first. This took her an hour...seriously.
Wick is still loving the snow. He goes to his new home tomorrow!

These two are super silly. Check out how their mugs seem to mirror each other LOL.

We had a little Bday party for Rowan.
Indoor pinata...with Jason holding it while crazy kids try to whack it as hard as possible with a metal rod, right in front of both a window and a big screen TV. This had a Fail video written all over it. Thankfully we had no mishaps at all. Whew.

It lasted a lot longer than anyone expected LOL.

Yummy Oreo no bake cream cake. So good!
A couple stories and everyone was off to bed. Love your people!

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