Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nerd farm girl alert!

Some super awesome exciting news...if you are a farm nerd like me. Also some not so thrilling news. 

Awesome news, I got my very own portable ultrasound machine today!! I plan to use it to confirm pregnancy on the farm critters. This will save me blood draws for sending off to check pregnancy status of the goats...and guess work on the pigs and even Kitsune won't have to go to the vet to get an ultrasound to see if she is prego.
Not so awesome news...my little hussy Willow, who went missing for three days last month, was my 1st guinea pig. She is pregnant. I have never had kittens before...hope it goes well.

Thankfully getting pregnant with triplets means lots of ultrasounds, so I didn't need any training to know what I am looking for. The round spots at the top of the ultrasound view are babies.

BTW...the cat is not sorry at all LOL.
Twins! Counting takes a lot more skill than just seeing babies, not sure how many are in there...6 is going to be my official guess.
Yes...I am holding the cat, the probe and my camera...triplet mom skills!
I'm sure they will be cute like their momma.
Totally not sorry.
I went out to check the goats. That is harder to do alone. I saw babies for 5 of the 7 I bred, the other two I need to recheck...may have been a touch early.

I am NOT a vet. I have decided to rent my machine to local farms, and show them how to use it on their own animals. I bought new boots to wear out, and will be sanitizing them between stops. Let me know if you are in the Kelso, WA. area and want to try out my machine on your critters!

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