Thursday, February 15, 2018

Now I am ready to go camping.

We have been talking about getting one of these for years. This year, with the help of our tax refund and finding an amazing deal on an amazingly well cared for used trailer, we finally took the plunge. I can not wait to go camping now...and neither can the kids, they actually begged to sleep in it tonight LOL.

It has a cute little kitchen, microwave, fridge. Is also has a bathroom with a shower...there is an outdoor shower too.
This area slides out. It also turns into a bed.
The Queen bed slides out, and the couch also turns into a bed.
The kids are beyond excited about the 4 bunk beds.

In not at all happy news. Unpopular opinion ahead... Here come all the anti gun people crawling back out again. I hate what happened in FL., and anywhere an unstable person does unspeakable things. I however do not blame the guns. I would not think of taking guns away...heck I wouldn't even make our laws tougher, as a CCL holder, they are already pretty strict (if you are not a criminal). I would however back adding more CCL folks...and that includes teachers that can carry in school. I would hire armed guards to work in the schools. Our banks, courthouses, even hospitals are protected by armed individuals...why shouldn't our kids get the same protection. Taking guns away from everyone will not stop criminals or those that want to do harm. Murder is illegal, guns in school are illegal, yet it hasn't stopped a single school shooting. Cant keep doing the same and expecting different results. We need the idealistic utopians to sit down and shut up...the realistic facts are there will always be unstable, evil, or otherwise dangerous people out there, they aren't going away, so better figure out a more effective way to deal with them. And that seriously does not include having those people be the only ones armed. Guys I am not perfect, and I am not a my way or the highway each their own, but leave me and mine out of it. All I can suggest is if this matter is important to you, before you start lobbying for change look into what laws and regulations are already in place (that get totally ignored by CRIMINALS). Before asking for bans on certain guns, learn about what you are talking about...the AR 15 doesn't shoot 20 bullets per second, it shoots 1 at a time like any other "regular old non scary looking" gun. Before you throw gun law abiding owners under the violence bus and demand they shoulder the responsibility to fix this gun VIOLENCE problem ask yourself will it really help. Be kind to those with a differing view, you may learn something new...or if you are gentle in your approach you may teach something new.

Murdering people is already illegal, taking guns on school property is already illegal. So now we know someone bent on these two actions does not obey the law. Will more gun restrictions/laws actually and effectively help? I seriously doubt it. Why do those of us who legally own these gun, and lawfully use them, have to shoulder the responsibility of murderous criminals? Especially when it is not going to be effective anyway? I know people have a problem with it but in my opinion the fastest and more sure way to deal with this threat is trained and certified armed security in school. The wheels of government turn slow, this same tired battle to ban or further restrict guns has been going on for many years while nothing effective has been done. We protect the President, banks, courthouses, hospitals etc with armed individuals...personally as a parent of 4 young kids I would very much appreciate sending my kids to school knowing more than a "Gun Free Zone" sign is protecting them.

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