Saturday, May 12, 2018

Busy little bees.

This kid scored his first goal today, and they won their game. Jericho was quick to remind Jason of his LEGO reward for a goal LOL.

Selfie wub him!
Jericho is so happy about his goal, I think he is going to be after another next game!

The little boys got to get some sunshine today, they are so cute!

I was just getting some pics of Lulu's girls when Jason came over to tell me I had a baby just born out in the pasture.
I thought it would be Yahtzee, since I let her out of the mobile kidding unit a couple days ago...nope I was one of my sneaky yearlings that snuck into the buck pen. I didn't know their due date since I didn't know when exactly they got in, I had them down for the end of June. Surprise! Gaga was the one that had her doeling out in the field, then I noticed her partner in crime was in labor too. Just got Bridget into the barn when she had her doeling. Bridget is the girl who hurt herself and was put on a med that can cause fetal death and abortion before I knew she was prego. Glad this little girl made it safe and sound!

The girls are doing amazing, they are sharing the babies and nursing each others. Sweet sisters.

All dry and adorable.

I think this one, Gaga's doeling, will be staying here.

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